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About George

George Morris is a UK-based freelance Screenwriter/Writer with an intense passion for genre storytelling. He graduated from The University of Lincoln in 2018 with a First-Class Honors degree in Media Production, before following it up with a Masters qualification in Creative Writing. Through both courses he focused primarily on Screenwriting. 

Though currently unrepresented with minimal professional credits, he spent his formative years writing and producing numerous amateur online shorts thanks to his love of film, and wants nothing more than to have the opportunity to tell his stories to as many people as possible. Outside of Screenwriting, George has also written unpaid articles and features on film and television for various websites, and is a regular staff writer for the independent websites Cineccentric and Teleccentric where he reviews and discusses new film and television releases. 

Outside of writing, George has also written fictional prose for independent publications as well as acting in a number of small film and theatre productions. He has had much practice in the Adobe Creative Suite, and has edited video footage, photography and scripts in the past. He occasionally dabbles in poetry too but when asked he'll deny it at every turn. 

Two short film projects written by George entitled 'Stitches' and 'X' have so far been funded and are currently in different stages of post-production. 

For more up to date information the blog on the site is regularly updated. Any business enquiries or questions can be sent to He's always happy to answer questions and talk about new work and opportunities. And films. Oh god he just won't shut up about films. 

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