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A selection of George's previous work.

His first two professionally-produced shorts 'Stitches' and 'X' are currently in post-production...

Find out more below...

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'Her' - A Horror Monologue

(Writer, Live Performer)


Performed live at The Pleasance Theatre, London as part of the annual London Horror Festival

A short piece about a young man who notices something strange during a local theatre troup's version of Shakespeare's 'Romeo & Juliet', only for it to follow him home... 

'Her' starts at the 26 Minute Mark. 

Performed as part of an ensemble of ghost stories at the 'Scare Slam' arranged by Blackshaw Theatre Company. Submitted the written piece as part of their nationwide competition and won, with them inviting me to perform at the actual event. 

Photos by Richard Stratton | Compere: Ellie Pitkin | The Sad Kid in the Corridor by Duncan Gates | Bed for Sale, Excellent Condition written by Nikky O'Hare, performed by Natalie Winter | The Bistro by Andrew James Brown | Her by George Morris | The Dog Who Saw Ghosts by Eleanor Verner | Twinkle Twinkle by Reece Connolly | The Summer of 66 by Mike Levanzin |

The confession

(Writer, Director, Actor, Editor)

A comedy short about a man who discovers a priest living in the cupboard under his stairs. Made with no budget outside of University and purely for the fun of it, this short satirises the notion of religion and faith whilst poking fun at its detractors and having fun with the negative connotations surrounding the church.

Filmed using Canon C100s operated by Harry Marshall, with sound by Andy Chapman and Lewis Littlehales and edited on Adobe Premiere Pro. Also starring Joel Bedworth and Holly McGratten. 

turn of phrase

(Writer, Director of Photography, Director, Voice Actor, Editor)

A Science-Fiction short made for the London Sci-Fi Film Festival, where you are tasked with creating and uploading a short film from scratch using strict criteria within 48 hours. In a world where shape-shifting robots are household items, fake IDs are still difficult to come by. 

Acted as head of the creative team alongside Holly McGratten, and learnt hands-on the importance of time management, working for a deadline and running a team of people. Filmed using Canon C100s operated by myself, with sound by Holly McGratten. Co-written with Robbie Knapton and Holly McGratten. Co-directed and Edited with Holly McGratten on Adobe Premiere Pro and Photoshop. Prop/Set Design by Scarlett McHale and Eleanor Bassford. Assistant Directors James Phillips and Harry Martin Taylor. Starring Robbie Knapton, Harry Marshall, Holly McGratten, James Phillips, Scarlett McHale, Kayleigh Umfreville, Joshua Jones, Eleanor Bassford, Harry Martin Taylor. Special thanks to Callum Mitchell. 

Dining alone


Actor in a short student film about a novelist who attends a restaurant by himself. Filmed on location in Nottingham. 

Written and Directed by Conner Farrow Griffiths. Cinematography by Izzi Walsh. Produced by Yve Odell. Sound by Kieran Walsh. Edited by Lauren Davies. Also starring Abi Dolan, Martin McSherry, Edward Hammond. 

Bring 'em Back

(Writer, Presenter)

Writer and Presenter of a live-filmed 'edutainment' children's program as part of a University project about two people who build a time machine and use it to learn about famous historical figures. Filmed in a professional television studio setup. 

Co-Written and Presented with James Phillips. Directed by Harry Marshall. Produced by Bethany Moffitt. Visual Mixing by Ellen Smith. Sound by Becky Vincent. Lighting by Melissa Mundy and Emma Phagra. Graphics by Kayleigh Umfreville. Production Assistance by Harriet Cameron. Cameras operated by Holly McGratten and Sam Wheeler. Autocue by Jason Cheverst. Floor Managing by Yve Odell. 

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