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'X' Indiegogo Campaign Now Live!

Promo Poster for 'X'

A project I've been working on since December is finally heading into production! Late last year the fantastic Producer on a film I wrote last year (which is still yet to be released) contacted me with an idea for another short, this time a simultaneously more ambitious and personal: the story of an Irish teenager who becomes pregnant within an Irish Catholic Family.

Now, of course I've never been pregnant. But I relish the opportunity to research and gather information for projects, especially one as meaningful as this so of course I said yes right away. Over the course of the next few months Zoe (the Producer) and I bounced ideas back and forth as I created characters and story beats, eventually leading to us cementing the final idea/script.

'In the build up to Ireland's 2018 abortion referendum, the daughter of an Irish Catholic family falls pregnant...'

I tend to be asked to write more purely dramatic pieces professionally, which is interesting, considering my passion for more genre-defined pieces. But projects like these allow me to write outside my comfort zone. I'm honoured that Zoe asked me to write the project and I'm extremely proud of the work we've done on it.

But now it's time for the tricky part. 'X' is currently in pre-production and needs some help gathering part of the budget. It's flexible of course, so the project is happening regardless of the funding, but in order to make the best film possible the team down in London are asking for help using an Indiegogo campaign. The project was 35% funded in the first 24 hours which is amazing, but any support is much appreciated. Even a share on social media means the world to us if you can't support it financially.

Click on the poster for the film or the link below to check out the page. In the near future I'm gonna do some posts about the actual writing process and go into the project in more detail, but until then thank you for your support. I can't wait for you all to see the finished film.

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