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The Passion List Podcast | Angus Ayling on Gaming

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, like Icarus flying too close to the sun and becoming...ashes, like a horror movie franchise that's already released an installment called 'The Final Chapter' - The Passion List Podcast is back!

That's right, the podcast that makes you go "hmm, so it's just two people who I have no concept of, talking about something between themselves? That'll never catch on." Well guess what? You're right. But that doesn't mean it's gonna be stopping anytime soon so strap yourself in and be prepared to be dropped dozens of different games from your past as Gus talks about his history with gaming!

The show’s logo and primary image were created by the wonderful Molly Massey, whose work and contact details can be found here.

The smooth, jazz-infused piece is again by the talented Kristen Kenyon, whose music can be found here.

Now I know what you're thinking. 'But George, don't you usually transcribe the episodes in whole for each blog post so we have the choice to read them instead of listening to them?' Well yes, usually I do. But the process of transcribing took up a huge amount of time and was mainly done in case anybody who still wanted to access the podcast's content could do so, even if they had hearing difficulties. However, because of the niche nature of the podcast and the people featured within it, I don't think anyone actually read the transcriptions so they're going to disappear for the foreseeable future. I hope you understand.

Anyways, enjoy the episode and stay safe everyone!


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