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Coming Straight Outta Lincoln...

So I only went and bloody did it didn't I? On the 11th September 2018 I officially graduated from the University of Lincoln in a big fat ceremony with speeches, trumpets, robes, an organ and Robert Webb. It was a lovely day, and incredibly daunting to feel so majestic for once in my life, I was graduating in one of the largest buildings ever built...that's insane.

Of course, I was there with all of my coursemates who I love dearly, and the day was spent trying to avoid thinking about the ends of things (but there's really no ends coming, let's be honest). It was a bit surreal and still hasn't sunk in at all, but it's kind of the end of the line for me refusing to be some sort of adult so I guess I have to figure out where to go from here.

I'm staying in Lincoln of course, for at least another year in order to achieve an MA in Creative Writing (REALLY wanna nail in that 'unemployment' label) whilst hopefully getting some writing experience alongside it. Until then though, I'm writing for myself, which I still enjoy greatly, and I'm trying to experiment with different genres and techniques. I know on my MA course I'm going to have to produce fiction and poetry work as well as screenplays so it's probably about time I start practicing those too. Still though, things are looking okay. I really just want the chance to tell stories that people will actually see/read more than anything, that's still the most exciting thing in the world to me.

In the meantime though, if you're bored out of your mind, why not try finding me in the livestream of my graduation? (Psst, I'm totally not struggling to find my seat at the bottom during the beginning of the stream).

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