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A Splash of Paint

Down with the system (played by a typewriter in this metaphor)

In my everlasting quest to become relevant and gauge how many eyes I can attract towards my work, I've managed to overhaul this entire website's visual style thanks to a photoshoot by my incredibly talented friend Joshua Neal Clack and an abundance of spare time now that I've essentially finished my Masters course.

Oh what? Oh that? Yeah that's done. I'm not sure quite what I expected with an MA course in creative Writing, but rest assured I'm now awash with a flurry of feelings towards it that bother me in the middle of the night...but that's a topic for another time. I recently left Lincoln after four years to join the rest of humanity in the sinking ship of adulthood and have been keeping the oncoming storm that is employment panic at bay by either being ill or sinking into side projects. One of which being this 'ere website. Before I left I managed to rope Josh into taking some lovely branding images, most of which involve my tenacious relationship with typewriters (why are they still a thing?!).

I'm hoping this blog will blossom very soon too and become a dumping ground of ideas and deconstructions of whatever I've been putting in front of my eyes as of late. Again, I have ideas all written down and ready to go but...well, these pesky side projects aye?

There's still work to be done of course. Once some of my work has actually been released I'll be able to utilise the platform for good and actually show potential employers and industry people just what it is I can do. But in the meantime, I guess I have to try and write some entertaining blog posts and make my existence known.

Oh, and find a job. That's somewhere on the list too. You couldn't help out with that, could you?

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